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Capitalizing on the ability of our skilled personnel, we are keenly instrumental in delivering a comprehensive array of 9.6% Magnesium Super Globei Bio Fertilizer.


Micronutrient Fertiliser For Foliar Spray


Direction for use

For foliar spray: Dissolve 500gm in 200 liters of water and spray liberally on both sides of leaves, 30 days after transplantation (500gms per 200 liters) Water spray use sandoviteepol as spreading agent for efficient spray and absorption. Magnesium is very essential as on a jeonstitue. U uf chlorophyll molecule, the indispensable for photosynthesis ,magnesium deficiency! directly affects photosynthesis. it is associated with activation of proteins and metabolism of carbohydrates. magnesium deficiency usually occurs in areas of high rainfall and light acidic soils.


Interveinal chlorosis of older leaves in which veins remain green and the interveinal area trumps yellow leaves drop prematurely.


  • keeps plants healthy, more green and very lustrous.
  • Resists diseases and activates absorption of other nutrients from the soil.
  • Increases the quality and quantity of yield.
  • connects magnesium deficiency quickly.

Price List


Quantity: 1 Kg

₹170 per Jar