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GLOBEI EDTA Zn ( 12 % ) is one of the essential micronutrients which crucial for plant growth. Zinc is required by several enzyme systems, auxins and protein synthesis, in seed production & rate of maturity. Therefore a Zinc decency in soil results in stunted plant growth, prolonged duration & poor yields. A severe decency can kill the crop. GLOBEI EDTA Zn, a free owing white color powder formulation containing 12% Zinc, is widely used for curing mineral
decency of the plants especially Zinc.
GLOBEI EDTA Zn is virtually free from chloride, sodium & other harmful elements for plants. It is used in small quantity for foliar application and is well compatible to be used with other phosphatic fertilizers.



Dose: 500 gm per acre.

Price List


Quantity: 500 Gm

₹399 per Jar