Globei Humic Gold is a complex mixture of Humic-Folvic-Complex (20%) & Amino ACID (40%) Along with profuse organic mater having slow release capacity of essential organic nutrient to plant on long duration with the weather solubility (w.s.0f 100% When applied to clay sils, Globei Humic Gold can help break up compacted soils , allowing for enhanced water pencration and better root zone growth and development when applied to sandy soils ,Globei Humic Gold adds essential organic material necessary for water retention thus improving root growth and enhancing the sandy soils ability to retain and not not leach out vital plant nutrients, plant growth is also improved by the ability of the plant to up take and receive more nutrients. Globei Humic Gold is especially beneficial to the plant as needed.

1. PAAN’-During soil preparation

2. Potato & Ground nut-During Manuring /Soil preparation

3. Paddy , wheat-During manuring/ 


4. Flowers & Vegetables-While planning and during regular manuring etc.

5. All crops-while planting.

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Quantity: 1 Kg

₹299 per Jar