Particular Crops All Crops except Leguminous Monocots like Paddy, Wheat, Maize, Sugarcane, etc. 

Leguminous Crops Application Procedure Application in Seeds : At first all seeds are to be washed thoroughly in plain water. Now make slurry with required quantity of Bio-fertilizer in small volume of water. Then pour the seeds on to the slurry, mixed properly to have a uniform coating of the inoculants over the seeds. The coated seeds are then dried under the shade and sown. Application in Seedling Prepare a water suspension or required quantity ot Bio-fertilizer and dip the roots of seeding properly before transplantation. 

Application in Soil : Required quantity of Bio-fertilizer is mixed with dried and powdered cow dung manure, compost, organic manure or soil and broadcast on the field at the time of land preparation. Dose : 50 to 100g per Kg seed. 2 Kg for the seedlings per Bigha, 4 Kg per Bigha for soil application. 

Precautions :  

  • Do not mix chemical fertilizers.
  • For getting best results, use at least 3-4 days interval after or before application of chemical fertilizers.
  • Keep packets in a cool place away from sunlight .
  • Once the packet is opened, use the whole amount in the same day.
  • Use before expiry date as mention in the packet

Price List


Quantity: 1 Kg

₹245 per pack